Two Anniversaries Intertwined

It’s funny to me, two different intertwined anniversaries so close together. It says to me that I was indeed ready to go to therapy. My therapist didn’t make me open up, and encourage me to be more vulnerable. I was already on that path.

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I’m posting this, because I don’t want to post it. I don’t want to post it, because I wrote it during a time when I was weak from the amount of stress I have right now. If you are reading this, I’m fine. Truly, I’ll be okay.

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Questions & Answers

Not many words start with Q that I can talk about knowledgeably, so I thought I’d do something different, like a Q&A! This particular set of questions is a about self-discovery, vulnerability, and sharing. As I work through these questions, I encourage you to think of your own answers. How are we similar? How are we different?

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Party Like It’s Your Birthday

As most of you know, my birthday was this past Thursday, the 2nd of November. With that day passing, I am officially a quarter of a century old. I received a lot of love on that day, a lot of people wished me a happy birthday, some not believing how old I am. You aren’t alone in that disbelief. I, too, can hardly believe that I’m 25.

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Millennial Shade

Anyway, I hope I’ve successfully deterred people from throwing shade at Millennials. We are, in fact, a product and reaction of the generations that precede us. You are welcome to remind me of this post if I happen to blame future generations for how they experience the world due to the inventions of my generation.

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Late Bloomer

I’ve always felt like an old soul. In part, it is from the experiences I’ve had, and also from what I value out of life. I value consistency. I value work ethic. I would go home and do chores everyday, because it was the right thing for me to do. I felt naturally responsible for younger people and took on responsibility like I was always made to. It just was hard to translate these values to my peers.

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Featuring kitten photos of my roommate for life, the famous, the majestic, Leonardo DiCatrio. Luckily for him, I am using older photos so we wouldn’t have to schedule another photo shoot. Who am I kidding, they are never scheduled! Take time to appreciate each one and let your worries flow away!

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