This is your captain speaking. You have been deployed on a journey through a space few have explored. This space is growing every day, it expands and contracts as it breathes in new information and out old shells that it has grown out of. This space is me, your captain. I’m the only known human to have explored this space, and I am still discovering new bits and pieces on every mission.

Our mission:

We will document our explorations, record our thoughts and actions, ponder explanations, and discuss. We will leave no stone unturned. Some might be too hard to swallow, but we must persist. For it will only make us stronger. The vulnerability is difficult, but it loses its hold by the mere acknowledgment.

This mission may never end. Astronauts will come and go, but I am a lifer. I will be here for my entire life, and when I am gone this space will collapse. All that will be left is this documentation. This will be a part of my legacy.

Thank you for joining me.

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