Hello everyone,

It’s been awhile, a few months, since I last posted on this blog. I’ve missed it, and throughout that time, I’ve worked on blogposts and never published. Why? Well, it’s been one crazy year so far. I’ve gained jobs, I work consistently 40-50+ hours a week. During this time: my personal trainer and hair-stylist both moved to Texas, I’ve become an Event Captain for the catering company I work for, and I started attending and nearly finished my first round at an Advanced DBT group. So many other things have happened, changed, and I’ve experienced many breakthroughs, losses, and interesting moments. However, the time seems right to add some order in my life, some resolutions.

You don’t have to wait for the New Year to have resolutions. Any time during the year is just fine. The key is to treat it with the same amount of dedication, excitement, and sheer determination that you would on New Year’s Day. For some, that is challenging. It’s easy for me to vow to work out starting on Monday, though there is always next Monday. And for some reason, that is a loophole. To me, it lacks the newness and the hope that a new year brings. If you think about it, each day can be seen that way, you’ve just got to try seeing it through that lens.

You could try counting down as the big ball of fire drops in the sky each night, though that might get a little old, and a little hard to watch. You could laugh and shake your head each time you write down the date wrong, though normally I just look up the date before writing it down (I have no idea what the date actually is on any given day). You could wake up and think to yourself, “New year, new me”.


You could look at each sunset as a day that is done and with a hope for a better tomorrow. You could look at the date and think, “this is the only time this date will happen” (excluding the invention of time machines).  You could wake up and think to yourself, “New day, better me” (this change in modifier is way healthier in terms of thinking. You should never wish for a completely new you, as you can only hope to improve the you you have).

With that, today, I resolve to:

  • Stream more often. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve started streaming on Twitch. My brother started doing this awhile ago, and I’ve always wanted to do so myself. So, with help from my brother, and the support of the communities that I am a part of on that platform, I started my own channel! I want to work on it more, I find it fun and worth my time to do. It’s a great way to relax while also feeling productive! If you want to check it out go to this link! Follow me on Twitter for updates on when I go live. And go follow my brother as well! My goal is to work on and stream at least once a week.
  • Get serious about reading. I’ve slowly crawled my way back into reading. I currently am reading several books at once, and have almost completed the Harry Potter series! However, I know I can be more disciplined with it. I want to work on this by reading at least 1 chapter a day. This is easier when nap-time is a thing, and a lot harder when I cater.
  • Exercise. I’m out of shape. Since my personal trainer moved, it has been like pulling teeth to get me to do ANYTHING. I need to do better. I need it for myself. It’s just really hard. My goal is to workout at least twice a week, and do yoga every other day.
  • Ride my bike. As I drive around to all of my jobs, I pass people riding their bikes all the time. I look upon those who are riding around Forest Park with envy. I chose my living location based upon the idea that I would bike to Forest Park and find solace in it. Since I’ve moved here, I have not done that enough. My goal is to ride my bike at least 2 times a month.
  • Blog. It’s been ages. I have ideas, plenty of them. I just need to follow through. I have half-written blog posts sitting in my drafts. I’ve drifted from writing, I’ve drifted from blogging. I want to reconnect. I want to post a blog post once a week.
  • Work on my novel. I haven’t worked on any of my novels in months. I need to write. If I don’t write, it stews in my brain, and has nowhere to go. It’s my main creative outlet. I want to work on my novel once a week.
  • Continue to work on myself with therapy, gender journey, and my sense of self. I’ve been going through a workbook on gender identity. It’s a journey I’ve been exploring for awhile now. There will be a blog post dedicated to this, so stay tuned.
  • Take better care of my plants. Ever since I moved to St. Louis, they aren’t thriving anymore. They used to have many babies and be bright green. Now they have browned, drooped, and gotten dry. I’m not sure how to help them, but I want to endeavor to try new things with them and see if it helps. I could try a new window sill, repot them, water them at different intervals, regardless I want to do all I can to help them to thrive again.
  • Do my 5s everyday. I do this thing that I call my 5s (fives). It’s where I go around and pick up 5 things and put them away, or clean them. This practice has been crucial to keeping my apartment orderly, while I lack the capacity to clean for long expanses of time, I find that cleaning a short amount of time frequently throughout my day off, and once or twice a day works wonders on the state of my apartment. With how much I work, it is easy for my apartment to fall into a state of disorder. While this doesn’t completely clean my apartment, it does keep it from being too much.
  • Play with Leo more often. I am not home a lot, mostly to sleep and on Sunday (my only guaranteed day off). Leo, the social cat that he is, suffers for this. It is unfortunate. Ultimately, I don’t want it to be something he suffers for. I want him to get all the love and attention that he needs and deserves. He is a great cat, the best cat. I wish I had more time and energy to give him. With this resolution, I want to play or spend at least 10 minutes a day dedicated to him.
  • Hike. Like biking, hiking is a means of escape. Escaping into a world in which I love as opposed to the world in which I reside the majority of time. Hiking makes me feel at home outside, when I am surrounded by nature with minimal human contact and influence, it is one of the best feelings. I need to hike more than I do. Explore the countryside of Missouri. Get outside and enjoy nature. I aim to go on a hike twice a month.

With all of this in mind, I will be planning it on my calendar. Having this time planned makes it far more likely for me to follow through with it. If there was data gathered on this, I’m sure it would be unanimously in support that my ability to complete goals has a strong relationship with whether I plan or not. This may seem like a lot of resolutions to make, however making them will make me happier, make my life worth living. Help me to thrive. I know that sometimes I will succeed in these resolutions, and sometimes I won’t. The point is to keep resolving to change, and make the conscious effort to keep integrating these things into my life.

Do you have any resolutions? Any changes you want to make in your life? What will help you to thrive? Feel free to let me know! Let’s be accountability buddies!

Until next week 🙂

One thought on “Resolutions

  1. Love it! This is exactly the thought process that I am trying to instill into myself as well. Right now, my focus is on eating right and getting consistent exercise. That’s about all I can handle right now! haha!


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