Viewers Matter

When I started this blog, I didn’t anticipate what it would become in my mind. It started as an outlet, a public journal of sorts, a way to express my views, put words to my thoughts, and put thoughts into actions. It was a way to organize.

Some people start blogs because they see it as another source of income, a productive (yay capitalism) way to do all of what I have said above. I never anticipated that I would secretly hope this for myself. As unconscious it has been, I find myself obsessively checking the stats of my blog. It’s as though I use the amount of views I get as a gauge for how much worth I have.

It’s unhealthy, I know. It shouldn’t be used in that way. I don’t want it to be. This isn’t a deliberate action on my part. The truth is that so many people have their own problems, thoughts, and feelings that when it comes to reading someone else’s they often don’t stick around. This leads the views to be spotty at best, and it really isn’t a good gauge as to my worth.

My life isn’t some dramatic soap opera that I publish on here. You aren’t chomping at the bits for my next post. You aren’t left wondering “What will happen next in their life?”. Nor do I want you to be. I’m not sure why I want you to read these posts. I’m not sure I would even read them, to be honest.

Just know, it matters to me that you read them. I’m working on how the views matter to me.

After I complete my A to Z blog post titles.. of which I am nearing the end, I would like to try to write a short story series. It’ll give me a chance to practice writing stories, and perhaps give you something more entertaining to read. An escape of reality as opposed to another reality. It also might help with my inability to finish a story…

I don’t want the views on my short story posts to matter so much to me. Of course, I would love if you would read them, it’ll help encourage me to keep up with it. I just know that there will be times where they might not get viewed at all, and it will challenge me to keep going with them.

It will be a challenge in itself to post fictional stories at all, and good exposure for me as a whole. I’ve talked about my anxiety about entering a short story contest, and having people read my stories and provide feedback. Despite how terrible it can feel in the moment, it is helpful once I remove myself from the initial emotional response.

So please let me know if you are excited about the idea of a short story series! And if you want to be sure not to miss the first one, go ahead and follow my blog! Thank you all for being here. It means a lot to me. I hope I can continue to provide good content for you.


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