I Prayed About It, And I’m Still Pro-Choice

This beautifully written post was written by Leah Vanden Bosch. Leah was recently called to action from a proposed bill, HF 2163, that would ban abortions past the detection of a fetal heartbeat in the state of Iowa. Her perspective comes multi-faceted and we have much to gain by reading it. I encourage you all to see how politics affect the individual. This isn’t just an argument, it’s a journey, and I hope you will join Leah on it.

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Viewers Matter

Some people start blogs because they see it as another source of income, a productive (yay capitalism) way to do all of what I have said above. I never anticipated that I would secretly hope this for myself. As unconscious it has been, I find myself obsessively checking the stats of my blog. It’s as though I use the amount of views I get as a gauge for how much worth I have.

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