Questions & Answers

Not many words start with Q that I can talk about knowledgeably, so I thought I’d do something different, like a Q&A! This particular set of questions is a about self-discovery, vulnerability, and sharing. As I work through these questions, I encourage you to think of your own answers. How are we similar? How are we different? Let me know! I’d love to hear from you!

  1. What does your ideal day look like? Nowhere to go for the day. Snuggled with blankets and pillows with a good book, candles or incense burning, no nagging thoughts, free from responsibilities or worries. No guilt about indulging. Leo calm, happy, snuggling with me, but not blocking my ability to see my book.
  2. What did you want to be when you were younger? A hero. A writer. A parent/role model.
  3. Who are you most inspired by? Why? Kids, because they see the world in possibilities.
  4. Who would you love to meet? What would you ask? I would love to meet Alecia Moore (P!nk). I wouldn’t ask anything. I’m not sure I would even be able to talk, but I’d be sure to let her know in some way how much she has influenced lives that she has yet to meet.
  5. What habit would you most like to break? What habit would you most like to start? Hoarding. It’s not terrible, but I get attached to stuff, and I want to cut down on that. I’d like to start creating everyday, if only for 10 minutes.
  6. Think of a person you truly admire. What qualities do you like about that person? Bold, brave, unapologetic, badass, encouraging, inspiring, powerful.
  7. How do you like to relax? In a space with minimal external influence, a vacuum, a sanctuary. With a movie, a book, a computer, a cat.
  8. When was the last time you did something you were afraid of? Yesterday.
  9. What are you most proud of? My military experience.
  10. What are you most afraid of? Failure. Failure to succeed. Failure to fit in. Failure to live.
  11. If life stopped today, what would you regret not doing? I don’t believe in regret for things I have not done. Sure, maybe there’s some regret in not having ever jumped into a pool, or a regret that I’ve never been in a long-term, close-distance relationship with someone. But after all is said and done, we aren’t sure what happens after life stops, and if that means I’m just decomposing and being fed back to the Earth, well, then what makes living so special? The majority of time will be spent “unalive” so clearly I’d be wasting my time regretting anything.
  12. Who would you like to connect (or reconnect) with? Why? I would like to connect with my friends and family, because I don’t do that enough.
  13. What qualities do you admire in others? Understanding, honesty, vulnerability, loyalty, resourcefulness, a willingness to help, authenticity.
  14. What practical skills do you wish you had? Knowledge about finances, public speaking skills, programming.
  15. Imagine you’re in your 90s. What memories would you like to have? What stories do you want to tell? I’d like to have memories of happiness, belonging, success, and love. I’d want to tell stories of adventures, acceptance, laughter, joy, and overcoming adversity. I’d hope there would be someone to hear my stories.
  16. What is your favorite book/movie/song? Why? These are all very tough questions. My favorite book has to be Goddess of Yesterday as I’ve read it probably more than any other book. I don’t remember how or when I got this book, all I know is for some reason I also have 2 copies of it. My favorite movie is The Holiday, as now my only copy has fallen into disrepair from being played so many times. Despite how bitter I get about love, the movie always warms my heart. The hardest one of all is my favorite song.. I really have no idea, and I’m not sure a single person lives on this Earth that actually has a true, timeless favorite song.
  17. If you could make one change in the world, what would it be? That everybody would have their basic needs taken care of, and that they wouldn’t feel like their self-worth was reliant on their ability to obtain their basic needs.
  18. What do you love to do for, or give to others (not an object – something from you personally)? I love to help people. Need someone to listen? Moving? Lost? Struggling in Stats class? I love to help people with various things that I feel capable in helping them with.
  19. What excites you? Getting to see someone that I love hanging out with. Having a day off. Going to see a movie. Getting to eat a good meal.
  20. What do you wish you did more of? I wish I interacted with people more.
  21. Pretend money is no object, what would you do? Buy a completely new wardrobe, after donating the majority of the clothes I have now. Also, donate to so many charities. Also, pay for a chance to meet Alecia Moore.
  22. What area of your life, right now, makes you feel the best? Which area makes you feel the worst? Why? The area of my life that makes me feel the best is probably my personal training. Getting in shape, achieving goals, looking and feeling better, it all is super important for me and my self-image. The area that makes me feel the worst is my finances. Despite working 2 jobs and doing the odd job here and there, I am quite literally barely making it. I’m worried what the off-season of catering will do to my finances.
  23. Let’s jump forward a year. What would you like to have achieved in the past year? An intimate relationship. Financial stability. Nearing the end of needing intensive therapy, and completing group therapy.
  24. What piece of advice would you give to 5 year old you? 16 year old you? 21 year old you? Right now? To my 5 year old self: Live. Run around. Make mistakes. To my 16 year old self: Try not to be so hard on yourself. You can’t do it all on your own, and you aren’t meant to. Be mindful of the time you have with Dad. To my 21 year old self: You are more mature than your peers but don’t let that deter you from trying to find connection. It’s there. Your only regret will be that you didn’t find it sooner. To my present self: You aren’t sure about a lot of things. You are terrified about being vulnerable, and that’s okay. That’s valid. You’ve made it further than you ever thought you would, so get out there and keep living.
  25. How do you want to be remembered in life? I want to be an influence. A force. A writer. A role model. A hero. I want to be remembered as a difference-maker. Someone who has great ideas, helped people, and always tried their best. I want to be remembered as great.

I actually really enjoyed these questions. I found them on Pinterest. What I liked most about them was that they made you think. I am a big fan of “Why?” questions, because they make you elaborate and define your answer. It’ll be cool to look back on these answers in the future to see if and how they’ve changed! Let me know some of your answers in the comments below!

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