Happy Thoughts

After a lot of tough stuff, I think it is important to talk about some happy stuff! So here’s a quick list of some happy thoughts I have!

  1. Love and acceptance for who I am! Both internal and external sources! I was moved nearly to tears from the responses I got about this post last night!
  2. Kids. Kids love to come up and talk to me. They love to spend time with me. Even if they don’t know me at all, I often get talked to, greeted, or smiled at. I really appreciate them and how much love they show me!
  3. Taking a shower after a workout. There’s nothing like a shower after a good workout. Feeling so refreshed, and clean. Not to mention doing well during a workout to make it a good one!
  4. Food. Looking forward to good food fills me with happiness. Today, I really looked forward to having a slice of the chocolate mousse cake that my nanny family had in the fridge. Definitely enjoyed it!
  5. A full day off. This past Sunday, I had to continually remind my brain that I had the day off, and occasionally being moved to tears of joy upon that realization!
  6. When you buy yourself a treat. So, a labor day sale got me, and I realized that I should probably reward myself for having 3 jobs. I bought a puzzle! I’m really excited for it to arrive!
  7. Reading a good book. I love that the two-year-old I watch naps usually for an hour or so. It gives me time to read my three books that I’m reading! I look forward to getting my nose in a book whenever I have a chance!
  8. Jamming out and dancing like no one is watching. I do this a lot when I’m cleaning or in the shower. I just put on some tunes and free myself! It’s wonderful!
  9. Cuddling. Lately, my main cuddlers have been my cat and the two-year-old, but you know, cuddles are great!
  10. Peace and calm. There is nothing I appreciate more than a quiet, calm environment. That’s where I thrive. I look forward to every little moment where it exists.

It can be pretty hard to think of happy thoughts when the world is in a state of turmoil, and my sanity is hanging by a thread. However, it is an important task. I encourage you to take some time out of your day to write down some happy thoughts. Even if they haven’t happened in awhile (I haven’t jammed in over a week), it will give you an idea on what you should incorporate more into your daily life.

Feel free to share with me some ideas of your own happy thoughts! I’m sure there are plenty that I have forgotten and I’d love to be reminded!

Happy thinking!

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