5 Achievements To Unlock

In a previous post, I mentioned that I have goals that I want to achieve. All of these are intangible. All of these won’t happen overnight. They all involve hard work and time. So, I’ll describe each goal and what I am currently doing to accomplish it.

  1. To feel good in my body – I’m slowly working on this. I think all I want is to be in shape, to feel strong, to look strong. I’m hoping that this is all it is. I currently work out with a personal trainer twice a week. It helps so much, and I can feel the difference it makes. It’s tough, very difficult to be motivated, and I don’t think I would be able to keep up with it without a personal trainer. I have my first benchmark this week since starting with her. I look forward to seeing the change in measurements and assessments. The other that coincides this in a more invisible way is my mental health. I’m still going to individual therapy twice a week, and group therapy once a week.
  2. Financial stability – I’d give anything to have this right now. It is definitely a big stressor in my life, and does not help my mental health. My nanny hours should pick up to 3 days a week in September, and I have a once per month job for some extra cash helping with deliveries also starting in September. On Thursday, I have an interview as a busser for a catering company. If I get that I should be able to make enough money to live.
  3. To find success – A big part of this goal is defining what that means to me. Success is something that is different for everyone. I hope to become an author. The only way to do that is to keep writing. Success is bigger than that, but that is what I am focusing on right now.
  4. To find meaning – As I’ve talked about last post, I feel like there is a lull in the meaning to my life, and I feel it immensely. I hope to find meaning again. It will help when nannying picks back up, and as I get other jobs.
  5. A life worth living – This is something that my therapist tells me is the goal of therapy. The goal is to obtain a life worth living, to make it happen. Therapy will help me with this.. but it won’t happen within this year, and it will more likely sneak up on me, like others on this list. To me, a life worth living includes all of the aforementioned goals. Without feeling good, financial stability, success, and meaning, it is extremely hard to have a life worth living.

My support system is a part of this life worth living, and for the presence of that, I have all of you to thank. Thank you for giving me support, encouragement, and advice. It means more to me than you will ever know. You will all know when I reach my life worth living, as it will be documented here, in this space.

Thank you all for reading and helping me find new limits.

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