Peter Piper Picked A Peck of Procrastination

As some of you may know, I committed to #DoTheDamnThing of posting 10 blogposts in 14 days. A good friend of mine is running the program, and doing a fantastic job of it! However, I did not anticipate the level of procrastination I would have this early on in the process. This is my second blog post.

Since agreeing to work tomorrow is slowly being deposited into the file cabinet of regret, I am realizing there is little time to edit as I type this out. This will not be a work of sheer perfection, nor will it have gone through the ringer that is my perfectionist process. I’m not even sure if the content will make sense or if the sentences flow. I’m just typing. I’m just trying to get words down and published.

What’s the worst that can happen? Like most things, not completing tasks on time has consequences, and typically, negative ones. For every blog post, I will be donating to a local program called Safe Connections.

This just in: my cat, Leo, just interrupted my blog writing by dragging his cat toy, a string of fleece on a stick, through my apartment into the bedroom to play. This has to be the most tempting distraction I have had ALL DAY. Must resist. 

Back to Safe Connections, so, I agreed to donate $5 for every blog post I do not post. The way I see it is that is $50 if I don’t post anything at all, and it grows less and less the more I post. Now, part of me doesn’t mind the donation. In fact, I would love to willingly donate a ton of money to this organization as it helps people who are dealing with domestic abuse and sexual violence. However, I do not have the financial stability to do that. Someday.

So, the worst is that I donate $5 instead of posting this blog post. A small price to pay, perhaps, and for a good cause. So, why am I still here? Why do I still write? Well, it’s the principle of the thing.

I procrastinate. I procrastinate on just about everything, especially things that are stressful for me. Now, this blog post isn’t particularly stressful, but I’ve accepted that I do not have the time to obsess over it. If I didn’t procrastinate, I wouldn’t have this acceptance. I would obsess. I do obsess. I don’t like obsession, so I actively avoid it. It isn’t good for me, and it doesn’t help me get other things done.

Because I have been procrastinating on this blog post, I washed dishes today, I read chapters in the books I am reading, I revised and updated my resume, I put away items that I needed to, and picked up clothes that had been laying on my floor, etc. I use procrastination to be able to do all of that. Sometimes, those are the tasks that I am procrastinating so they don’t get done unless someone is coming over or unless I am disciplined enough to do them anyway or set and maintain a deadline for myself. Luckily for me, other things come into my life that are just that much more stressful, so that I can accomplish these tasks.

While I may be kicking myself for not having completed this earlier today, and while I may be tired while nannying tomorrow, I accept that procrastination is part of my process. It has its purpose in my life. It is how I prioritize and organize what I have to do that day. There are tasks I’ve put off for months because of how stressful they are, and that can be unhealthy and societally unacceptable. So, sometimes, procrastination is harmful. However, like all things, it can be good in moderation.

And with that, I will not be editing this post until tomorrow. So, if you happen to read it prior to the edit, feel free to read it with an open mind as that is much appreciated! I bid you all a good night!

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