5 Achievements To Unlock

In a previous post, I mentioned that I have goals that I want to achieve. All of these are intangible. All of these won’t happen overnight. They all involve hard work and time. So, I’ll describe each goal and what I am currently doing to accomplish it.

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Death’s Grip On The Living

You have no idea how much I will hold onto that, even though it isn’t a real memory. Just like light cannot escape a blackhole, the living cannot escape death. It has an influential hold on us that we must acknowledge. As death and grief enter our lives, it is up to us to deal with it. To live with it.

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What’s Next?

My goal is to continue blogging. Continue putting my story out here. Transmit it into the void like a message in a bottle and hope that it finds meaning. Right now, there’s a lull in activity in my life: the blogging program is over, the next round of the contest isn’t until September, the family that I nanny for is on vacation for the next 2 weeks, and my team went and won the championship in Pittsburgh this weekend. Temporarily, it seems like my life has lost meaning. 

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Energy Debt

Today, I extended myself further than my capacity. I borrowed energy, and now have an energy debt to be paid. It isn’t easy carrying around energy debt. In order to restore it, I need a solid day away to recuperate and repair. Something tells me that won’t be easy this week, and that it might not happen until next week. 

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Why I Gave Up On Religion

I don’t know if I will go to heaven. I don’t know what happens after we die. I don’t know if God exists. I do know that there are great people who believe they know all of those things. I also know great people who believe they don’t know all of those things. I wholly support you in whatever you believe as long as it pertains to you and not your views on others. For now, I’ll stay on my island of peace, away from the sea that caused much turmoil and seasickness.

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As The Contest Begins

I have been handling this day well, working on it in spurts, and soon it was done. After telling myself that I wouldn’t edit until tomorrow, I started to edit it briefly. Who knew adding pronouns into their introductions would lead me down the slippery slope of editing??? Me. I did. Oh well (Ha).

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This Might Be Too Risque For You

As soon as I clicked on it in that Starbucks, I was mortified. Now, when my friend originally sent this to me, it was within the comfort of my own home. I felt no sense of shame or guilt for opening it and looking through it. But, as soon as I was in that public place, with my laptop open out to the rest of the room, I was ashamed and embarrassed.

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