Love and Loss

And now, I’m crying thinking about how this is all a part of life. If you love, you must lose. On Pinterest, there was a quote, “Grief is the last act of love we can give, to those we loved. Where there is great grief, there was great love.” Now, ignoring my need to talk about the philosophical, and going into the definition of love and how that fits in there, as well as the assumption of time in that there are firsts and lasts of anything. Grief is not a single act, it isn’t bound by time. Just like love (I tried).

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3 Years Ago

That is the reality LGBT+ kids have to face, this idea that you could potentially go from being loved and accepted to not. This idea that in one moment your entire world could change. You hope it is for the better. But if your family doesn’t accept you, will you really be happier? You can’t just take those words back. Once they are said, the “damage is done”, you may have rained on their parade of what they thought of you.

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