Camp Camp

So, let’s appreciate how we all fit together, and how we don’t. Keeping in mind that there are dimensions you have yet to find, dimensions that you have yet to connect, and puzzle boxes that you may visit one day, and will be some of the best days of your life. I wish you all the connectivity of a puzzle, with the individuality of your many dimensions, and the wholeness that life can bring you.

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Vulnerability: A Poisonous Side Effect of Therapy

I liken it to feeling that you have cinderblocks tied to your body….It takes every ounce of my energy to get through my week, and I don’t have a ton going on right now (no pun intended, just kidding, EVERY pun intended). Life is a difficult balance right now. I think that is why it is particularly difficult to get through the day. I’m trying to balance on a tightrope of life with cinderblocks tied to me. At any moment, I feel like I could crash and burn. And somedays, I do.

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