Saint Louis SLAM Fundraising

As my season is coming closer to it’s beginning, I find that I am in a serious need for fundraising help. I have gotten some money, but not nearly enough. The amount of money that I have to fundraise for the season is $825.00. So far, I’m less than an 8th of the way to completing that goal. As the season goes on, it will be more difficult for me to raise this money. So, to help remedy this stress in my life, I am creating this blog post to consolidate all of the ways you can help me out!

Since most of the people I know and love live far away, first and foremost on the list are how you can help me out from far away!

  • Donate money directly! Only until March 15th can you donate on the Facebook donation page! Please make a note that the donation is sponsoring me, Tara Schultz!
  • Another way you can donate directly is on the Sponsorship page. This is where if you have or are a part of a business you can purchase a sponsorship package that includes merchandise and an advertisement spot! I highly recommend considering that option as it will benefit you and me! Even if you are just an employee of a business, I recommend bringing it up to your chain of command as a possible opportunity for them!
  • If you aren’t a part of a business, and would like to donate out of the goodness of your heart and your support of professional women’s sports, scroll down on the Sponsorship page and following the sponsorship packages is a place for you to select an amount and to type my name in to sponsor!
  • Attend games! Here’s the game schedule (just scroll down or click Game Day on the top of the page)! If you decide to make the journey and attend a game or two, please consider purchasing tickets in advance! Right now there’s only season tickets available online.
  • Attend fundraising events! There’s currently an event on the evening of April 15th! Watch for the Facebook post with details on the event! If you would like information, and are worried about missing the post please contact me!

This endeavor has been incredibly important to me in my life. I’m in the best shape than I have ever been. I’m gaining confidence, friends, and life skills. It has been an integral part of my integration in St. Louis. Women in sports is also important in society as a whole. I’ve already had several young girls in my life that are in awe of this opportunity that I have. I find that the expressions on their faces are more than enough for me to continue on with this difficult journey. This team has allowed me to be even more of a role model for young kids to know that they can do anything. Women can be soldiers. They can be scientists. They can be football players. Women can be anything! Your donation will directly support this social change. Please consider taking part!

Thank you all for taking the time to read and donate! I greatly appreciate all of the love and support. Feel free to share with your friends!


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