Coming Out


As you should know, I just started this blog. It hasn’t even been a week. Already, I feel like it helps. It’s a freeing feeling to type into the void and give people new information this way. Before this blog, some of you didn’t know about my mental health. Some of you didn’t have some updates on my life. This gives me a chance to tell you, as well as, a chance for you to marinate with it.

I feel like now is a good time to come out of the closet. I struggle with identifying one way or another. All I can say for certain is that I am not heterosexual. In the past, I have come out as bisexual. And, I still hold this to be the best definition for how I identify.

Before I get into this any further, I want to address the people who are hearing this for the first time. You may be family members who I haven’t had the pleasure of coming out to. You may be battle buddies who feel a bit betrayed that I never told you. You may be friends or acquaintances who are shocked by this new information. Please, take a moment. Breathe. It’ll be okay.

The reason you weren’t told prior could be for several reasons:

  • It was not convenient for me to sit down and chat with you
  • I felt confident and comfortable knowing that you would accept me regardless
  • I was afraid of how you might react, so this is my way of telling you and at the same time giving you space to think
  • I got tired of the coming out chats and decided that I was done with them

With some of the other reasons mixed in there, the last one is the main reason why most of you didn’t find out before this blog post. I hope that this way is sufficient enough for you.

For those of you who I have told, we can celebrate that I am publicly out. It is now a part of the internet forever, and while I still have new people joining my life, this will always be out here for them to find.

It took me around 7 years to come to terms with this, and I don’t expect everyone to accept me overnight. As much as I would love to have you continue to be a part of my life, if you choose to leave feel free to quietly do that. If any of you have any questions, I strongly encourage you to reach out to me. I truly want to be a resource for you. And, I will be talking about this more in the future.

Thank you for reading this, and for hearing me out.



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