Do You Have Your Space Buddy?

Some people may need a space buddy who is far more dependent on them, like a dog. One that they need to take on walks, and let outside. However, I find that this would be troublesome, and I would worry a lot more about the state of my apartment if I left for a weekend. With Leo, his dependence really only shows when I need it most.

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The Entanglement

I’m sure my mental illness isn’t only entangled with my sexuality. Given that I still have a mental illness, and coming out wasn’t a magical cure for it. The source of my mental illness is my brain. My brain may have been shaped by these entanglements or it may have been predisposed, or a combination of both. However, acknowledging this entanglement has allowed me to be able to look for other entanglements, which should help in the intervention process.

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Coming Out

It took me around 7 years to come to terms with this, and I don’t expect everyone to accept me overnight. As much as I would love to have you continue to be a part of my life, if you choose to leave feel free to quietly do that. If any of you have any questions, I strongly encourage you to reach out to me. I truly want to be a resource for you. And, I will be talking about this more in the future.

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The Beginning of a Beautiful Thing

I’m excited to improve. It had been about a year since I’ve done a push-up. And now, I find myself struggling to knock out ten decent ones. I’m excited to be able to do that, and to be able to lift weights. I’m excited to be able to keep my core tight, because I found out that I do the worm a lot (which means I tend to not engage my core during exercises where I need to).

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Patience, Part 2

It wasn’t until my third year that I started becoming interested in trying to date anyone or apply to any jobs. I didn’t join a sport until my senior year. I NEVER settled into my apartment.

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Welcome Astronauts!

This is my invite to you. Please allow me to be vulnerable and true about my perspective. Please allow me to be heard. This is a safe space for me to talk about a space I rarely get to talk about. This space is filled with dark, but only because there is light as well. I will do my best to articulate, and keep this space a learning environment. As you read, I hope you find a renewed sense of appreciation for both the light and dark in your own space.

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