Life Update

I’ve stopped seeing Paige. It is still too much of an open and unprocessed wound to talk about. I’ve stopped because I’ve started with someone else. A different kind of therapy, an off-shoot from DBT called RODBT (Radically Open Dialectic Behavioral Therapy). I’m on week 11 of 30. It is challenging, and that seems to be an understatement.

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Morning Thoughts

The suffocation of stagnation is overwhelming. I feel like I can’t breathe. Every distraction I indulge in gives me moments of free. 

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It will be a level of self-respect I have yet to reach to come out to each individual who commits this folly. Coming at them from a place of compassion yet firm. For I will stand my ground on this, feeling the adversity of many years, and many years to come.

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Kids & Gender

If you get anything out of this post, I hope that you will teach your kids an open mind about gender, and that their genitalia doesn’t define them….I hope you have an unconditional love for your children, and a fierce passion for who they’ve been, who they are, and who they are going to be.

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Because there isn’t a right answer. There’s only answers. ASK others how they are doing. BE there for them. Saying these things and not following through is a formality, not a reality. ACTIONS speak louder than words. Act towards those who are struggling.

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You don’t have to wait for the New Year to have resolutions. Any time during the year is just fine. The key is to treat it with the same amount of dedication, excitement, and sheer determination that you would on New Year’s Day…. If you think about it, each day can be seen that way, you’ve just got to try seeing it through that lens.

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I Prayed About It, And I’m Still Pro-Choice

This beautifully written post was written by Leah Vanden Bosch. Leah was recently called to action from a proposed bill, HF 2163, that would ban abortions past the detection of a fetal heartbeat in the state of Iowa. Her perspective comes multi-faceted and we have much to gain by reading it. I encourage you all to see how politics affect the individual. This isn’t just an argument, it’s a journey, and I hope you will join Leah on it.

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Viewers Matter

Some people start blogs because they see it as another source of income, a productive (yay capitalism) way to do all of what I have said above. I never anticipated that I would secretly hope this for myself. As unconscious it has been, I find myself obsessively checking the stats of my blog. It’s as though I use the amount of views I get as a gauge for how much worth I have.

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